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Accelerating Data for Cloud, Machine Learning and Analytics - DataFest Denodo London

Denodo DataFest is back in London for the 3rd year, and we'd love for you to join us.  This year's conference theme, Accelerating Data for Cloud, Machine Learning and Analytics, underscores the critical role of data virtualization for data management in the digital age. You will glean insights from visionary leaders and industry experts from Festo, NHS Scotland, analyst Rick van der Lans and more. View full agenda What will you learn?

  • How to overcome the challenges of moving data to the cloud 

    leveraging the speed and agility of data virtualization

  • How to remove the bottlenecks from data science initiatives

    using data catalogs to accelerate data acquisition, search and preparation

  • Next-generation features coming to Denodo 8.0

    that can put your organization on the forefront of modern data management

Come be a part of the future of data integration. Listen to presentations, watch demos, try the product and network with your peers.

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